Rodin Cars

In 2018 Mark began assisting Rodin cars in New Zealand. This was an opportunity to work with the founder of Rodin Cars again, a long time friend and client. Marks role is one of official driver trainer, taking clients through an intensive training program beginning in a McLaren GT4, then progressing into a Formula Three race car. This process prepares them to drive the Rodin FZed. The FZed is the ultimate track day car, being very close to a Formula One level performance. The car is powered by a Cosworth V8 producing 675 BHP, it uses the latest carbon/carbon brake systems and has a top speed of 300KPH.

Rodin cars have constructed state of the art manufacturing facilities and have also constructed two test tracks in picturesque North Canterbury. As the company builds its profile Mark has been tasked with introducing the worlds top motoring journalists to Rodin. This has comprised a series of training events where international journalists have progressed through Rodin’s training procedures and has culminated in successful sessions in the FZed.

Mark also performs development driver duties for Rodin and is looking forward to driving the next exciting project to come from Rodin Cars in the very near future.