You Want To Race Cars?

We believe the best and most cost effective way to a career in Motorsport is to start in Asia. After an initial year in Formula Renault, Tracktime Asia can arrange the pathway to Formula Master and then through our friends and associates to the Audi R8 LMS Cup and then to Porsche Cup Asia. All taking in events throughout China, Malaysia, Japan and Korea.

These categories enjoy generous factory backing and provide excellent foundations for building a full time career in Asia or as introductions to a career in Europe.

Once success has been achieved in Asia it is possible if a driver wishes, to step into the European racing scene with Tracktime Asia. Long term business partner Mike Reedy has been working in the European racing scene for the last 3 years and is currently coaching and managing an Australian driver in the Euro F3 championship and has worked closely with GP3 and GP2 teams. He can provide the guidance, advice and direction to make the most out of an investment in building a career in the most competitive racing environment in the world.

Or course the main question you have is how much will this cost??

Budgets naturally can vary somewhat, but you can be confident that a season budget will come out at around half of a front running Australian national Formula Ford budget. Excluding travel budgets it should only be around 25% more than a State series Formula Ford budget.


  • Arrive a drive cost for 2014 Asian Formula Renailt series.
  • Five separate race events combining Zhuhai and Shanghai F1 circuit. Two rounds at each event making a 12 race series.
  • Cost includes 1 full test day prior to event
  • New tyres
  • Labour for the event including engineering services.
  • All entries, fuel and consumables.


(Does not include your own flights, accommodation or car damage)

Please get in touch and we will be happy to tailor a budget to your requirements. It is possible to make, it's all about making the right steps.