You Want To Race Cars?

A key area of driver development that is usually overlooked is media and presentation skills. Ultimately we want our drivers to be in a position where they no longer need to bring a budget to race, but at that point the game changes somewhat and it's where a lot of talented drivers fail to progress.

At this point a driver may gain a position with a factory or sponsored team and this is where they need to be media savvy. A modern professional driver needs to be able to speak confidently at public gatherings whether they be at the track or at promotional events. Drivers need to know how to talk to all ranges of people from the sponsors who are paying for him to race to the fans who are lining up for his autograph. They need to be able to handle press conferences and journalists as well as they handle the tracks.

At Tracktime Asia we will help the driver to develop these skills right from the outset. The Formula Renault Asia series provides proper podium celebrations and press conferences and Mark Williamson will be there to help and advise the driver through these learning phases. As well as passing on his knowledge of how to deal with sponsors, press and fans gained in many years as a professional driver in Europe, Asia and Australia.